Topical Minoxidil

How Effective is a Topical Minoxidil?

Since it was first found that using some type of topical Minoxidil going to be significantly more effective than using a pill based formula, many people chose to look for topical Minoxidil as the best way to treat their male pattern baldness. However, the fact that topical Minoxidil is the best form of taking Minoxidil based products is misleading, because it assumes that Minoxidil is the best way to treat your hair loss in general. That is not the case.

Topical Minoxidil, as well as all other types of the chemical, a great deal of different side effects that make them somewhat dangerous to take regularly and inconvenient enough that it may affect your life in such a way that you may even find it more inconvenient and the hair loss was.

Side Effects

When it comes to side effects alone, topical Minoxidil is arty severely lacking behind a few other treatment types. Hair loss is not really a health problem. It is a psychological problem because extreme amounts of hair loss can cause a loss of confidence and a loss of self esteem that can negatively impact your life. That is why so many people want to treat their hair loss as quickly as possible.

So it should come as a big surprise, then, that topical Minoxidil can cause impotency and severe amounts of acne that can be just as damaging to your self confidence and self esteem as the hair loss was. In addition, it has all the additional health risks that can be very harmful to your overall health, including severe blood pressure drops and headaches.

Even though topical Minoxidil may be the best way to take that kind of product, that does not mean that it is the only kind of products they can treat male hair loss or even the best one available. Many natural products have had the same amount of success as topical Minoxidil without any of the side effects are any of the health risks that are involved with taking that type of chemical treatment.

For anyone looking for are the same benefits that topical Minoxidil offers with any of the side effects looked worse Procerin which also uses a topical treatment as well as a nutritional supplement in order to have a reverse your hair loss without any of the side effects that are caused by Minoxidil.

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