Procerin Alternative to Minoxidil

Minoxidil: A High Blood Pressure Medication That Helps Stimulate Hair Growth

When Minoxidil was first introduced to the medical and pharmaceutical industry it was specifically designed to lower high blood pressure. Minoxidil is a vasodilator, which means it has the ability to relax blood vessels so more oxygen and blood reaches the heart.

One of the side effects of using Minoxidil is an increase and darkening of fine hair, so the Upjohn Corporation introduced a topical solution which contains 2% Minoxidil and they market it under the name Rogaine.

Rogaine now enjoys rock star status in the hair replacement business even though the patent on Minoxidil expired in 1996. In 2007 a foam version of Rogaine was introduced to the Hair regrowth market, and that product has proven to be effective in treating male pattern baldness in some men and female pattern baldness in some women.

Exactly how Minoxidil works as a hair regrowth supplement is still not clear, but it is considered a potassium channel opener which hyperpolarizes cell membranes. Some researchers believe that when the vessels that supply blood to the hair follicles relax more oxygen and blood get to the follicle roots, especially in follicles in the Telogen stage or dormant stage of the hair growth cycle. More blood and oxygen causes those follicles to shed and the hair is replaced by thicker hair that enters the Anagen or active stage of the hair growing cycle.

The ironic aspect of using Minoxidil is the fact that one of its side effects is hair loss. The manufacturer describes this side effect as hair shedding, which confirms the fact that Minoxidil does impact the hair follicle. The manufacturer does not guarantee that new hair will grow once the shedding process begins. Hair growth is not an exact science, and the process of growing hair is still shrouded in questions.

Minoxidil May Stimulate Hair Growth In Small Areas But Not in Larger Areas

Although Minoxidil marketed under the brand name Rogaine and several other brand names has helped some men and women with hair loss issues it may not grow hair in large areas around the scalp. It seems to work better in small areas.

Most professionals who focus on hair loss issues recommend the ingredients in Procerin, because it has the ability to block dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and stimulate the hair follicles in small areas as well as large areas so they return to the active stage of hair growth after being attacked by DHT.

Procerin uses a two step process and seventeen different natural ingredients to get the hair growth cycle back in sync. The topical foam cleans and stimulates the pores, while the Procerin tablets block DHT and stimulate new hair growth.

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