Minoxidil Shampoo

Learning about a Minoxidil Shampoo

Since Minoxidil was first discovered as a cure for male pattern baldness, many tests started to be performed in order to find out the best way to use the chemical on a regular basis in order to treat hair loss. After a significant amount of research, it was found the best way to use the chemical was to use a Minoxidil shampoo.

The reason that a Minoxidil shampoo has been shown to be so effective is that the formula goes directly into the hair follicles which ensures that you to the follicles is able to get some of the chemical. Beyond that, no one is quite sure what makes a Minoxidil shampoo so effective because no one is sure what the chemical does that makes it so effective at credit hair loss. However, the results of using a Minoxidil shampoo are clear, and it is simply the most effective way to use the chemical in order to treat male pattern baldness.


Just because a Minoxidil shampoo is effective in treating hair loss does not mean that it is the treatment that you should be using in order to stop male pattern baldness. Minoxidil still has a number of different side effects that make it less than ideal for using on a regular basis. A Minoxidil shampoo may be effective at preventing hair loss from continuing, but its side effects make it not worth the risk.

We can, however, learn a great deal about hair loss because of the fact that a Minoxidil shampoo is so effective. Weight each is us, is that although there may be many different effective ways to treat hair loss from the inside of your body, it is using a topical treatment on the outside of your body that makes shore that the ingredients that you are using are going to be able to get your hair follicles where they can have the most effect.

When a safer treatment, one that is able to be as effective as a Minoxidil shampoo without any of the side effects, is designing the way that their treatment is going to work, they now know that they should have a topical way of getting the ingredients into your scalp if they want a treatment to be more effective. That is what Procerin did. Procerin to all of its powerful ingredients and added a topical cream to make it as effective as Minoxidil shampoo except considerably safer.

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