Minoxidil Hair

The Secrets of Minoxidil Hair Formulas

Hair loss - it's a problem so many men have to deal with at such young ages that it's no wonder there are so many different drugs out there to treat it. But, no one drug has been as discussed or as used as Minoxidil - the mostly topical treatment that has been used for the better part of the last two decades to help men and some women dealing with the loss of hair at an early age due to androgenic alopecia.

What You Need to Know About Minoxidil Hair Loss Treatments?

The truth is that Minoxidil hair loss treatment was not even originally used for hair loss. The original drug was created two decades ago for treatment of high blood pressure. Hair regrowth was an interesting side effect and soon thereafter, it started being used for treatment of hair loss in the form of product like Rogaine.

Usually used in concentrations of 2-5% depending on whether it's for men or women, Minoxidil is a highly concentrated product that will go into the scalp and help to clear out the androgen receptors that are being blocked by DHT, produced when an enzyme interacts with testosterone in the wrong way.

Is Minoxidil Hair Treatment Safe?

Minoxidil hair treatment has been used for some time and while it is generally considered safe, it is still a chemical compound and as with any chemical compound, it has its fair share of side effects. They range from simple things like dry skin and acne on the scalp to extremely low blood pressure (the drug was designed to do this after all), chest pains, sexual dysfunction and irregular heart beat among many other things. The list of side effects is long and painful sounding and for the most part unnecessary.

Minoxidil hair loss treatment is not necessary because there are many other options out there that can help anyone who is interested in finding a way that is both natural and effective to regrow hair. Because so many have heard of it though, Minoxidil hair treatment has become the defacto means of restoring hair. Luckily, there are products like Procerin that work to reduce hair loss without actually causing all the nasty side effects the chemical versions do. Both a pill and topical serum, Procerin works on the scalp and the DHT itself to reduce the causes of hair loss and cut of the chance of it continuing.

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