Minoxidil for Women

Is there a Minoxidil for Women?

Women's hair loss is something interesting and often times a bit confusing for many women out there. It affects about 40% of women before they reach 40 in some fashion or another, whether it is full blown androgenic alopecia or just extreme thinning of the scalp. In either case though, many women seek out Minoxidil for women and attempt to resolve the cosmetic issues that have arisen due to their hair loss.

What Minoxidil for Women Provides?

In reality, Minoxidil for women does not provide anything different from what it provides for men. It usually comes at a much lower dosage (men's concentrations are around 5% while women's are around 2% on average), because the source of androgenic alopecia, which Minoxidil treats, is the overproduction of DHT, of which most women will not have much to start with.

Why Minoxidil for Women May Be Unnecessary?

The problem though is that many women who believe they are suffering from full blown alopecia are in fact suffering from something much simpler. In many cases, the seeming alopecia is actually the result of thinning. What happens is that after the hairs on a woman's hair fall out each day (between 100 and 150 do), new hairs grow in that are thinner and weaker due to a fundamental lack of nutrition in the hair follicle.

Usually this is a lack of proteins to feed the hair, something that Minoxidil for women cannot do anything to help with. Rather, all it will do in these cases is cause a number of side effects, including further loss of hair and possibly even severely low blood pressure. Instead of Minoxidil for women, women should seek out solutions that target the actual cause of the problem - the thinning of the hair to the point that it appears to be balding.

What Should Be Used?

To treat problems such as severe thinning, women should seek out more natural solutions - products that contain vitamins and minerals that help produce the necessary proteins in the body that are used to create new hairs. Only then will it be possible to reduce and remove the problems associated with that thinning hair.

One such product that has proven quite successful for many women suffering from seeming baldness early in life is Sephren. Sephren provides a wide array of different vitamins, minerals, and herbal additives that work to nourish and replenish hair while a topical foam preps and cleans the scalp for efficient hair growth. For any woman seeking new hair that is thicker and fuller in the face of severe thinning, turn to Sephren.

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