Minoxidil Extra Strength

Do You Really Need that Minoxidil Extra Strength Formula?

Hair loss is tough - it sneaks up on you, no matter how prepared you may be for it, and hits hard, often times earlier than expected. When you start losing your hair in your late teens or twenties, the results can be debilitating to your self esteem and confidence. How can a 20 year old with a bald patch have an active social life, you might ask? But, the truth is that hair loss this early in life is not something that will last forever, if you treat it properly and quickly enough. The answer however is not Minoxidil extra strength formulas.

Why You're Considering Minoxidil Extra Strength?

There is a reason why people immediately turn to Minoxidil as a treatment for their hair loss. The classic hair loss formula is extremely well known. It's been used for the better part of two decades in one form or another and has been well regarded by both doctors and patients. But, it is still a chemical and it can be very dangerous if misused, which is why Minoxidil extra strength is a risk that many people should not consider taking.

The Role of Minoxidil

For anyone taking Minoxidil extra strength, the goal is to regrow hair. But, in truth, Minoxidil is not the only solution for hair loss. There are plenty of ways to stop the spread of DHT to the androgen receptors that cause androgenic alopecia, the prime cause of premature hair loss in 92% of men who suffer from the problem.

Minoxidil extra strength goes in and strangles out the DHT and makes sure that your hair follicles get the nutrients they need to grow properly. However, in the process, it also causes a number of side effects including things like decrease in sexual desire, extremely low blood pressure, chest pain, and irregular heart beat. These are all big problems and things that no man should need to put himself through for the sake of saving a few strands of hair.

The solution is to find a better way to restore hair. This can be done in a number of ways. First off, there are all natural solutions to hair loss that work in similar ways to Minoxidil extra strength without actually causing so many side effects. One such product is Procerin. Procerin works in multiple ways to stop hair loss without any side effects like artificial drugs. For anyone starting the search for a hair loss solution, start by checking out Procerin.

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