Minoxidil Cream

The Unknown Minoxidil Cream

Topical treatments have been found to be the best way to take the chemical known as Minoxidil in order to treat your hair loss. Most people use a shampoo or some type of Minoxidil cream in order to effectively get the ingredients into their scalp. This makes a lot of sense, because a Minoxidil cream is going to be far more likely to reach your hair follicles, and if that is where the treatment needs to be, you are far more likely to see results.

One of the interesting things about Minoxidil cream, however - in fact, one of the interesting things about the chemical in general - is that not even the pharmaceutical companies that created the chemical know how it work. That is, it was created not to treat hair loss, but to lower blood pressure. But when hair loss was found to reverse itself, people started using Minoxidil cream and other products made from the chemical in order to treat their male pattern baldness.

Safety of Minoxidil Cream

That, however, is the primary reason that you should really question yourself before you start using a Minoxidil cream. If the pharmaceutical companies do not know how it works, what is it going to do to your body?

That question has been answered several times over in the form of multiple different kinds of side effects that come as a result of using Minoxidil cream. People experience great deals of itchy hair and scalp, they experience blurred vision and impotency - they even experience severe losses in blood pressure, chest pain and possibly even rapid weight gain.

What Does This Mean?

This means that Minoxidil cream is clearly not something you simply take because you feel like taking it. This is especially true because there are other options available that are as effective as Minoxidil cream that do not have any of the side effects and, more importantly, they are products that we know how they work and what they are doing to your body.

Like Minoxidil cream, they can come in topical forms so that you can get the ingredients directly into your scalp, but while you do that there will be no side effects preventing you form enjoying the benefits.

One of these products that is as effective as Minoxidil cream but considerably safer is known as Procerin. Procerin is a completely natural, side effect free way of treating male pattern baldness, and the results speak for themselves.

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