Minoxidil 5%

About Minoxidil 5% Products

As soon as you realize you are losing your hair, you need to make sure you start to treat it right away. Male pattern baldness is such that the longer you wait to treat it, the more permanent it becomes. Luckily, it is treatable, as long as you are willing to start treatment right away.

Most of the well known treatments available use a Minoxidil 5% formula, because that is the most well known chemical that has been created to treat hair loss. Examples of a Minoxidil 5% treatment include Rogaine and a product known as Regaine, both of which are some of the leading chemical hair loss treatments available.

The biggest problem with these Minoxidil 5% treatments is that they have a number of side effects that make them a serious risk for anyone hoping to reverse their hair loss problems. That is why, ideally, one should not use any Minoxidil 5% treatments, regardless of how badly they want to treat their hair loss.

Side Effects of Minoxidil 5% Products

If the lightly inconvenient side effects of Minoxidil 5% products were all that you are at risk for while taking these chemical treatments, then Minoxidil 5% probably would not be too much of a problem. Many people experience dandruff associated with using these products. Occasionally some people experience some headaches. Both of these are not big deals, and when that is the only side effect you experience, it can generally be ignored in favor of regaining your hair.

However, there are significantly more Minoxidil 5% side effects that are much less bearable. For example, using a Minoxidil 5% has the potential to cause impotency, and severe amounts of chest pain. It can also causes serious drop in blood pressure that is sudden and immediate. Both of these can be very big problems for people that result in a number of different inconveniences and a person's life. That is why Minoxidil 5% should generally be avoided in favor of products that do not cause the side effects.

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of available options other than Minoxidil 5% products. One product, though, known as Procerin has shown itself to be a very effective way to treat male pattern baldness with no side effects at all, while still maintaining the same amount of effectiveness as the Minoxidil 5% treatments. Procerin is the ideal hair loss treatment to try.

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