Generic Minoxidil

Should You Get Generic Minoxidil?

One of the most interesting things about products that use Minoxidil as their primary ingredient, is that these products tend to significantly overcharge for their hair loss treatments. While Minoxidil is an extremely effective way to prevent hair loss, it is not so effective that it deserves the high price tag that seems to come with it. The high price tag is another one of the reasons that people look for generic Minoxidil. Generic Minoxidal is going to be significantly less expensive than products like Rogaine. However, regardless of whether you are using regular Rogaine or generic Minoxidil, you are still putting yourself at risk for a number of different side effects that could and should be avoided when using any hair loss treatment. That is why it even if you are able find a cheaper product, one that uses generic Minoxidil, you are still, in a way, paying too much for a treatment that is going to cause your body so much harm.

Alternatives to Generic Minoxidil

Obviously, price is a very serious issue for those looking to treat their hair loss because whatever treatment that one decides to use will need to be continued for very long period of time in order to make sure the hair loss does not come back. The price of even a single treatment is going to significantly add up over time as you continue to use the product for several years. But still, generic Minoxidil is not the answer, because that treatment type is still far too expensive considering the side effects that arise from using it.

Rather than use generic Minoxidil, consider using a safe and natural product like Procerin. Much like generic Minoxidil, Procerin is much less expensive than Rogaine and many of the other chemical treatments that are available. However unlike generic Minoxidil, Procerin will not cause any side effects either in the short or long term that are going to even slightly impact your life. Procerin, which is made of natural ingredients, is just as effective as generic Minoxidil with none of the health risks at all and no side effects.

It makes sense that one would want to take generic Minoxidil considering all that is known about how effective it is. But Procerin has the same effectiveness without any of the health risks that are related to the chemical. It is significantly better choice than risking your health with a Minoxidil product.

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