Does Minoxidil Work?

The criteria that people use to find out if a product works are not always the right criteria. That is because when people define how something works they usually look towards how effective it is at curing or fixing whatever it is that it is meant to cure or fix. Unfortunately, that is not always the best way to figure out if a product as effective.

For example, many people that seven hair loss wonder 'does Minoxidil work?' Minoxidil, for those that do not know, is the most common chemical used to treat male pattern baldness. When you're looking only at how effective a product is for curing what it is meant to cure, than the answer to does Minoxidil work is going to be a yes. The product is effective for preventing male pattern baldness. But does it really 'work?'

Stop Male Pattern Baldness With Minoxidil

The reason that it is hard to say whether not Minoxidil works is because even though it is able to stop male pattern baldness it is not able to do so without a significant number of side effects that are arguably just as bad as hair loss.

Hair loss itself is not a health problem. It does not matter whether you suffer from a great deal of hair loss, or a little bit of hair loss, or no hair loss of all - you are just as likely to be as healthy as the person next to you. Hair loss is a psychological problem, because hair loss causes deficits in your self esteem and a lack of self confidence that can only be remedied by getting hair back.

Does Minoxidil work to help prevent this? Yes. But it also potentially can cause impotency and a number of different health problems, including acne and low blood pressure that are all just as likely to cause the same deficits and self esteem and lacks in self confidence that are caused by the hair loss. So even though your hair loss is reversed, the problems that arise when you suffer from hair loss will still remain. And because of that if you ask does Minoxidil work, the answer is definitely no.

Just because the answer to whether or not does Minoxidil work is no, does it mean there is not a way to treat your hair loss safely in order to make sure that you prevent the self esteem issues that are caused by the chemical. To learn more, visit

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